Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today I did two things I haven't done in a long, long, long time. Both were challenging, but for different reasons.

I dragged myself to the gym this afternoon. I don't even know when I was there last--probably a couple of years ago. It was like completely starting over. It felt good, but wasn't fun or easy by any means. If past experience is an indicator, if I keep up with it, it will become easier, and while I don't know that "fun" would ever be a word I'd use to describe working out, I know at some point I won't dread it. And I do know all those commas probably don't belong where they are in that sentence, but just let it go.

Tonight i went to a softball game with CP. I originally called her to see if she wanted to go get ice cream (because I did SO much at the gym, you know) but she said she was going to her son's softball game. So invited myself to go along. The challenging part? Sitting on the metal bleachers for a little over an hour. My be-hind (written that way so you'll say it properly) is protesting.

Man, I feel old.

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