Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Lost Weekend

After four days of get-togethers, it's time for a break. About five years' worth, I think.

It was great fun, and even though I really didn't want to go to all of it, I'm glad I did. Today was really nice--it's technically a family picnic, but everyone's families are all grown up so we don't really get many kids. It's very casual, just sitting around and chatting. The food was pretty good, although I didn't think it very professional of the caterers to have the coleslaw and the potato salad sitting out in the sun.

I finally got some good pictures today. I hadn't really taken many pictures this time and knew today would be my last chance. I'm looking forward to getting my scrapbook pages done as soon as I get everyone else's pictures. I already exported my photos onto cds for CP and KR--so they need to get cracking this week some time!

I am so looking forward to going to bed tonight (as soon as I hit "publish post!"!) Being chatty and making small talk for four nights straight wears a little thin--but I suppose it's good for me, as I don't enjoy doing it much. Back to work tomorrow-- with two meetings on the agenda. Teachers come back officially on Tuesday--but I'm guessing almost all of them have already been back at least one full day to unpack and start to get their rooms ready. That is definitely one thing I do miss about being a classroom teacher--I always loved getting my room ready before school started. It was such a symbol of starting a new year. in the library, not much really changes. It looks pretty much the same when I return in August as when I left in June.



rr said...

Glad you had fun.

Most of us have been in at least one day already, OR SEVEN!!! But, my room is finished so my pledge to not work past 3:30 unless required is now in full effect! Let's hope this pledge lasts longer than my pledge to not complain about stupidity that roams the halls.

cb said...

You mean "Deathly Hallways?"

Yaay for getting your room ready-- pat on the back for you!