Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eating: Flavor Blasted Goldfish crackers and Little Debbie Creme Cakes (yes, it's been that kind of day)
Drinking: Diet green tea with citrus (hahaha--diet)
Wearing: jammies
Waiting for: SNL to come on--season premiere tonight

Last night was my school night at the Rockies game. It's the 7th year we've done this, we always do the fireworks game at the end of the season. The deadline for ticket sales was Sept 14--and you can't believe how many people called me all last week to see if I had an extra tickets. Since the Rockies have been doing so well lately, everyone wanted to go to the game. Too bad so sad for them. The night was fun, the weather was fabulous. CP and KR went, too--CP hasn't ever missed a game and KR has only missed one. It's a lot of fun with both of them. Too bad the Rockies lost. The fireworks were amazing though--I got some unbelievable photos--I'll try to remember to post one tomorrow.

Today existed only in my imagination. I ushered two shows at the ACenter today--the matinee and the evening show. While I do enjoy getting two ushering requirements completed in one proverbial fell swoop, it makes for kind of a long day. There were two hours between shows--I had planned on running a few errands and getting some little things done, but didn't do any of it. I came home and laid on the couch for about 15 mins, then ran to Target and then it was time to go back.

Tomorrow I have Yes, it's true. No commitments. One project I need to finish tomorrow is to order all my reunion photos to be printed. I'm going to a scrapbooking retreat in a couple of weeks and really need to take those pics with me. Tomorrow I'm also going to hang out at home, watch a couple of movies, make a chicken and wild rice casserole, and pretend that I don't have to go to work on Monday.

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Yea! Let's hear it for no commitments! I hope that turned out well for you!