Monday, September 24, 2007

I added a new playlist element here--I hope it's not annoying to any of you that visit regularly.

For a few months now I've been reading a blog called Eyes of Wonder. It's one I go to every day, and as soon as the music starts I find it feels peaceful. She hasn't posted for two weeks, and tonight she wrote a long, long post. She's not going to post anymore, and I'm so sad. She has a big family (9 kids), and I'm sure she has more than enough to keep her busy, but I so enjoyed going to visit her everyday and seeing the photos of her beautiful family and where she lives. I will miss that greatly.

I had a really productive day at work, but today has been a day of several disappointments. Nothing devastating or heart-breaking, but when they all come together, they are a lot harder to wade through. I feel overwhelmed at the haves and the have nots. Tonight was a chilly, rainy night--which seemed to match what the day had been.

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danelle said...

Music in a blog usually annoys me, but this is one of my favorite songs. (It is well with my soul)