Sunday, September 23, 2007

Watching: Forbidden Planet (it's all sci-fi on TCM this afternoon--my favorite! I really love FP)

Eating: nothing yet--waiting for dinner to finish (yes. I'm actually making dinner)

Drinking: nothing--but need to get some water here pretty soon

Wondering: Why bad things happen to nice people ( I do know why-- bad things happen to all of us, but the really nice people just don't deserve it)

Last Sat I spent a few hours with some people I have known for about 30 years through teaching (see blog post). One of them has had a relationship for a few years now with someone she met online. She's been looking for someone like him forever, and finally found him. Over the last year he's been sick--"a touch of liver cancer" is how they referred to it. He was moved to hospice care two weeks ago, and we all know that means --he was on his way to a new adventure. I just got an email letting me know he died on Friday afternoon. I can't even say how sad this makes me for SP.

{Heavy sigh}


katastrophe said...

wow. i dont know this person i dont think, but that stinks.

cb said...

It is definitely one of the saddest things ever.