Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I think I'm trying to get sick. hopefully I'm not trying very hard. My throat is really scratchy, and I keep clearing my throat because there's stuff draining down into it. I'm guzzling the Airborne ("created by a teacher!" you know) and tomorrow will be guzzling the Emergen-C.

Tonight we went to see Spamalot-- one word: absolutely freaking hilarious. When I was reading the program before the show I saw that one of the ensemble people was someone I recognized--she's married to someone from here, and I've known him and his family since he was about five years old. They both live/work in NYC now, he was in Beauty and the Beast for a few years, now he's in the show Chicago. She was a Rockette for three years.
Work is annoying me. A lot. More than a lot. I guess I should be glad it's just annoying me, not making me cry and doubt myself as a teacher, like some people I know. I have a feeling there's more than one person feeling like that these days. That's a much worse feeling than being annoyed. And why can't I get the last paragraph of my posts to double space without being a rocket scientist?


danelle said...

You have short-timers syndrome.

Laurie said...

absolutely freaking hilarious is not one word.

just sayin'

cb said...

LW--I know this is your first time to my blog-- but if you read awhile you'll know that I frequently write things that might be considered "Yogi Berra-isms" that don't match. Example; 1) and b).

:-) You're silly.

Laurie said...

My favorite is "half of one and SIX DOZEN of the other." xoxox