Monday, September 17, 2007

Mondays are my "work" days at school. I only have one regularly scheduled class on the books--a kindergarten writing group. That's not to say I don't ever have other classes on Mondays, but most of those seem to fall on T-W-Th. Monday is the day I get all my busy work done--adding new books to the circulation system, paperwork, ordering, weeding old books (today I did about 75), working on the school web page, that kind of stuff. I really like having most of the day to do all that, but it also usually means I don't get out the library much and don't really see anyone all day. And today I skipped lunch. Unintentionally, it just passed me by and I didn't notice.

Saturday I met some former teaching pals at a little coffee shop in my town. One of them lives about 4 hours away now, and she was in town for the weekend for the Bronco game. It was really nice to just sit and chat for a couple of hours (three, to be exact). Three of them actually meet there every Saturday morning. One was in her pajamas (jammie pants, big t-shirt and slippers), one was in sweats and the other was dressed like you normally would for the day (as was I). It was a nice, casual morning--it was great. Every one of them is retired. What a surprise.
And now I'm going to retire. To the couch. With a cat. And a blankie my mom crocheted.

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