Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Since my regular life is so uninspiring right now, I thought we'd do another meme. School just started, so this one is all about those ABC days.

1. Best friend in elementary school?
Lesley M--we met in 5th grade (my first year at that school).

2. Best friend in junior high?
Rosi S. and Lesley M.

3. In high school?
Rosi S.

4. Where are they now?
I just saw both of them at the reunion-- L lives in state and R lives in CA

5. Memorable teachers?
Hands down Mr. H, our band director. He was a great influence, and we still keep in touch with him. Don't really have any from junior high or elem school.

6. Walk or ride the bus?
Walked-- I didn't live too far from most of the schools. Mom did pick us up at the junior high now and then, in high school I drove the family car.

7. After school activities?
Besides hanging around and doing nothing with everyone? I was in Girl Scouts for a few years, and a Monkees fan club. Yes, really.

8. Hot lunch or brown bag it?
Probably hot lunch more than brown bag it. In elem school I walked home for lunch or to a friend's house.

9. Favorite school lunch?
Pig in a blanket!

10. Worst school lunch?
Eeeyew--I remember canned spinach, and stewed tomatoes with cubed bread (soggy!) Nasty.

11. Good at anything academic?
Writing and reading, anything language arts.

12. Not so good?
Science, history, math (pretty much anything that wasn't reading or writing).

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