Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today I had five classes--which is a lot. I know our specials teachers have more than that every day, but about 40% of my job includes a lot of responsibilities that don't involve students, so to have five classes for a few days straight is unusual.

Today I had a third grade class and was starting my "talk" telling them about me, my family, my pets, my teaching background, etc. I told them I'd taught in the classroom for 23 years, and was starting my 9th year as a teacher librarian, making this my 32nd year in teaching. Then I was talking about how my mom lives in Arvada and my dad lives in Frederick. One kid, DL, who we all know as a pistol, firecracker, smart aleck, and all-around mouthy one piped up and said "What?! You've been teaching 32 years? How can your parents still be alive?" He was completely serious. I looked right at him and answered, "Ummm... they eat right and exercise?" In the back of the room their teacher was laughing so hard he could hardly stand it. DL said, "No, really, they must be like 70 or something. How old are you?" When I told him, he said "Whoa!".

Just you wait, DL. You'll get yours someday. :-)

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