Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday nights-- the time goes way too fast.

When I go to my regular reads and see they haven't updated their blogs in a few days (yes, that means you, Mikey) I'm always disappointed. I don't know that my blog is a favorite necessarily, but I sure wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.

Friday night RR joined me at a play at a little theater here in town--the very definition of "community theatre". I didn't especially love the play (parts were funny, some one-liners were funny, the storyline was lame) but I loved the evening. We started by meeting at a little coffee shop down the street from the theater and just sat and talked. Then a couple of guys came and set up and started playing music about 7:00--and honestly, I could have just sat there for an hour or so and just enjoyed that. It was a little challenging to talk while they were playing, and we probably shouldn't have anyway, but I so enjoyed just sitting and talking. During intermission at the play we started talking about some things I have needed to talk about to someone, anyone, for a long time. I'm kind of a private-type person, but I seem to have a lot bottled up and it was nice to get it out a bit. Thanks for listening, RR.

Sat -- errand running, a little time at B&N in the evening, nothing that memorable the second half of the day. The morning was spent with some good friends I haven't seen in forever--sitting in a coffee shop chatting for a few hours.

Today--the annual meeting for the theatre group B and I are in. We were both elected to the board of directors again--I was awfully glad he was also elected, because while I doubt I would be elected and him not, I would have NO interest in being on the board if he wasn't. I didn't love being on the board this year, mostly due to the lack of organization in the meetings, but I guess I'll give it one more year. It was really disappointing that so few people even attended the meeting, which was a potluck, and there was hardly any food. I took a chicken and wild rice casserole because there is hardly ever anything substantial. The other offerings were brownies (they were yummy), banana bread, a bowl of chocolate kisses, a salad with nasty-looking strips of half-done beef strips, and two different people brought deviled eggs. That was it. Needless to say, my casserole got lots of rave reviews.

Tonight--watched the Emmys, and that's it.

And tomorrow is Monday. Bleh.


Laurie said...

My temptation is always just to eat something really good before I go. Isn't that awful of me?!

rr said...

haven't been here in awhile. sorry. busy, busy.... I enjoyed the evening too. I will listen anytime! Goodness knows you listen to me enough. =)