Sunday, September 23, 2007

Watching: nothing, but I'm listening to the lawn sprinklers. I love that sound.
Eating: a poppy seed bagel
Wearing: jammies

I'm still fighting some annoying head and throat something or other. My ears hurt a little, and my throat is still really scratchy. Maybe if I really drink a lot of water in the next few days, I can flush it all out. It certainly couldn't hurt.

This week-- new fall season on TV! Will Sarah Sidle make it out from under that car alive? I can't wait til Thursday! And L&O CI moves to a cable network, and has new shows--but not til next week. My two favorite shows.
Going to a show at the ACenter this afternoon-- and need to run an errand before that, but other than that it should be a relatively uneventful afternoon.


rr said...

I missed the last half of the CSI season and I have no idea what is going on!

rr said...

Just watched the final episode of last season online. That girl is CREEEEEEEEEEPY!!!!!!!