Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm ready for some snooze time. I've been trying to pick up a little, do laundry, do dishes, and just generally putting things where they are supposed to be (or at least where you can't see them anymore) so when B comes to feed my cat this weekend he won't be alarmed. Actually, if my place was completely clutter-free I think he'd be alarmed, so I probably should stop now.

This has been a weird week. People at school are in survival mode--and while they aren't short-tempered or anything like that, there's a noticeable lack of energy and a sense of holding on by one's fingernails. I've had morning and afternoon duty every day--filling in for the person who normally does it because she's up in the mountains with the sixth graders. I don't mind it really--I've kind of enjoyed directing all the traffic and telling people where to go where to drop off and pick up kids. But just the fact that it's been every day has been a challenge--mostly the remembering to do it is the part that is the challenge. Today the PMan was supposed to be the second person out there with me, and as I was headed out the door, the secretary said he wouldn't be here and could I fill in for him. I looked at her and said, "He does know I'm already filling in for someone and he needs to find someone else, right?" I said she'd better find someone and find them fast because we need two people out there. Honestly, they guy means well but he really needs a secretary. Oh, wait, he already has one.

I know my sister will have a fit when she reads this...but... I think I'm going to buy a pair of Cr*cs--those ridiculous-looking shoes that everyone says are unbelievably comfy. I really need something for school--my feet hurt all the time, and I'm thinking that will help. So--anybody want to take a wild guess what color I'll get? if you know me at all, it won't be difficult.

So tomorrow we leave for the wonderful weekend away--a weekend of scrapbooking, being silly, and just general all around recreation. I hope it snows like it did last year, but it's doubtful. the weather has been so warm in the afternoons--I don't think we'll get the snow. Hard to tell what it will do in the mountains.


danelle said...

You CANT have crocs AND birks. Auuughhh...
If you get a big turquoise ring you are SO not my sister.

cb said...

And I love to shop at Whole Foods. so there.

And just for th record--I think those Crocs are the fugliest things ever--but my feet HURT all the time. I'm willing to look like a dork if it will help my feet stop hurting.

rr said...

There HAS to be a better answer to sore feeties than THOSE shoes!!! Would your color be purple? Just taking an educated guess. Probably wrong.