Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Eating: nothing (I know! shocking!)
Drinking: again, nothing!
Watching: CSI reruns
Looking forward to: going to bed...ah...

Today I left the house at o'dark thirty to drive to the mountains to spend the day with our 6th graders who are at a week-long outdoor education experience. I'm very familiar with the site and the week--I used to teach 6th grade and have been there many, many times. I made one stop on the way-- the Very Expensive Coffee Place right before the turn off to the long bumpy road that takes you to the site. I had promised the teachers I'd bring them SB-- and they were thrilled when I got out of my car and had a carrying tray with their drinks.

I'm so tired--but not as tired as i thought I would be. I'm not sleepy tired, my feet are really worn out. I didn't do any long hiking classes (there's not enough oxygen tanks and defibrillators up there) but I did help with two pioneer history classes, and there was still a fair amount of walking around the site. I love love love this class--I loved it when I was there as a sixth grade teacher years ago and I still love it. they've rewritten the class guide and it's even better than it used to be. I spent a good amount pf time in the old kitchen baking cornbread in a wood stove. I can't even imagine making meals on that thing--I had to keep putting wood in, and turning the cornbread so it wouldn't burn on the side closest to the wood-holding part of the stove.

As I was up there, I was flooded with so many memories of being up there with my classes, and teachers I taught with years ago. A few things have changed, but not much. It really made me miss those days I taught with DC-- we had such a great rapport and relationship when we were teaching together. He's a principal in another school district now. Today brought back a lot of great memories.

The site is way back on some property that isn't even close to the main road. Once you get back on the main road, there is a really nice spa that is pretty well-known around here. Last week I was chatting with another librarian at another school and she told me when she came home from spending a day up there with her school, she stopped and did a walk-in at the spa and got a facial. Walk-ins get a 20% discount-- nice. So I stopped and asked about a facial or a massage--and got right in for a massage. And it was probably the best massage I've ever gotten. EVER. And I've had a lot. This gal was amazing. And worth every single penny.



danelle said...

Is outdoor lab at Id-Ra-Ha-Je?

cb said...

No--it's at Mt Evans where it's always been. That camp you mentioned is a church camp.

rr said...

Thank you so much for bringing our drinks! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. How fun that you had a massage. I hope the big p's attitude improved for the rest of the week.