Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blackstrap molasses. Brown sugar. Butter. Flour. Put them together and you get... Shoo Fly Pie! That's what B made tonight. Two of them. I took pictures ("I'm creating a photo essay" I told him) but haven't uploaded them yet, so you'll have to make do with this one from The Internet. In reality, the pie looks exactly like this. Exactly. Except my plates have a different pattern. Or rather, a pattern. We've talked about making one for ages now--and finally just got the ingredients and did it. He made two pies--we haven't decided if we're taking one for dinner tomorrow. We already have pies coming, so I don't want to have more than we need at dinner, but it's so unusual and I'll bet no one (except maybe my mom) has ever tasted one. If you like the taste of molasses, you'd love it. Me--I liked it. The first bite was a little strong for me, but after a couple of bites it was pretty good. The sweet, crumbly stuff on the top really helped cut the molasses taste.

This guy really can cook. And bake. He said he's made tons of these over the years--just not for a long, long time. He actually called his dad back in NJ to get his grandmom's recipe for the pie.

While I doubt I'll ever take one of these for Friday treats at school, it was good to try one.

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Laurie said...

B is such an interesting guy. So many surprising interests. I think that pie sounds good.