Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I really need to get that cd that plays first on my blog. That song is just so calming. I do love me some religious music.

Nice day at work today--I think Capt Smith is working overtime to be friendly and positive. I got two, count 'em, two, compliments about my teaching today. And he came in at the end of the day and shook my hand and told me to have a wonderful break. I'm a little wary, to tell you the truth.

The nice day wasn't due to the interaction with Capt Smith, not by any means. I have spent two days with the fifth graders working on a project we do with them each year. It's a final project for their work on researching an explorer. I love this project because most of them really do an amazing job and you don't get a lot of those moments usually. the regular teacher wasn't there yesterday or today, and I was a little annoyed because of it. Today there wasn't even a substitute--one of our special teachers was filling in for her all day. I kept thinking it was pretty cheeky of her to plan this project with me then take these two days off before the break. She told me last week she wasn't going to be here on Monday (yesterday), but then was gone today as well. Later today I find out she had a bad reaction to her flu shot--so of course she was absolved of all wrongdoing.

When are we all going to start feeling better and not being sick? I'm so tired of this. I don't feel really awful, but enough to not want to do anything but stay home and lay on the couch and watch tv or movies. And I am.so.tired.of.coughing.

We keep hearing about snow that is supposedly on its way--I thought it was supposed to have already started, but it really hasn't. I just came home from the Weird Smelling Health Store and it had started to spit a little, but that's all it was--just like spit. Like when I COUGH.

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rr said...

I think he is trying. I don't think he has to try to be friendly and positive. I believe that to be his typical personality. I do, however, believe he as to try (just like the rest of us) to not let work override that and make him grumpy. At least he is hearing us and attempting to make the environment less stressful.