Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'd like to be at home for the next two days, wearing these and my jammies.

I was at school til around 6:00, then came home and haven't done much of anything since then. I did stop and pick up take-out spaghetti and sausage...yum. While I was waiting in walked one of our second grade teachers from school. And a little after that the mom of a kid I had way back when came in. She was with her mom, who is a good friend of someone I used to teach with. This other mom (of my former student) was introducing me to her mom and said something about her son being one of my most memorable students on the last day of school. I said, "Do not jump in those puddles or you'll be after school cleaning for an hour". I was teaching 6th grade, we were getting ready to head back to school after our 6th grade picnic, and there were big puddles everywhere in the park. It was muddy and I warned them. He and his friends plopped right in them and were told to hang out after school so we could call home. The bell rang, I looked for them, and they were gone. I called mom, and back they came. At the restaurant tonight she said to her mom "So many years ago and she still remembers that day". I wasn't really sure if she was serious, kidding, or just commenting. I felt kind of weird about it, so I'm guessing she had some not-so great memories of that day.

Turkey dinner at school tomorrow--I usually end up working right through lunch and not realizing it, so I hope I don't do that tomorrow. I've already paid, so hopefully I'll remember.


danelle said...

Do you eat hot lunch at school very often? Ugh - that's one thing I am so glad to not have to eat ever again!

cb said...

No--I never eat hot lunch at school. Just the turkey dinner.