Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm going to start a blog co-op. Admission is free, and it's open to anyone who wants more comments on their blog. We all promise to read and comment at least three times a week. More if you're an overachiever.

Okay, it was just a thought.

This week is kicking my a**. I feel like I'm trying to finish a ton of different things, and none of them are getting done very well. I've been a little busy at night, as well, and just want to crawl under the afghan and sleep. Like I did yesterday when I was supposed to be watching the movie. For the second time. Because I fell asleep the first time. Yeah, like that.

I'm having a garage sale at school on Friday. I'm trying to get rid of a lot...and I mean a lot...of CM scrapbooking stuff that either we don't carry anymore, or I've had for a long time. I hope it goes away, because I don't want to repack it in a box. Or two. The worst part-- loading the boxes in my car (they're heavy) and taking them into school (did I mention they're heavy?).

I want some of these. Pink --definitely pink. Or darker blue. Okay, any color. Or all of them. I'm all about comfort. And soft, warm things. Especially on my feet. Mmmmm. Now if I had those, and a white chocolate mocha (only half a shot, please), I'd be set. Who needs an afghan when you have Woobie socks and expensive coffee drinks?

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Laurie said...

wack. Guess I missed the garage sale.