Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is post #1500. I didn't know I had so many words in me.

Over break last week we watched Dial M For Murder--an old, black and white movie. For some time now, I've not really been able to make it through a movie without falling asleep at some point. I usually wake up and watch most it here and there, but I seem to "just close my eyes for a minute" and I'm out. I didn't catch the last third of the movie--but saw the ending. The ending didn't make much sense, so I came home today and started it again at about the place i started snoozing. I fell asleep again--so I guess I'll try again tomorrow. It was cold, so I was under the afghan. I was a little tired, so I was under the afghan. The cat was cuddly, she was sleeping on my legs on the afghan. How can I win with all that against me?

Today felt like such a long, hard day at school (THAT'S why I was on the couch under the afghan when I got home!). It was pretty much non-stop classes all day, except for lunch. And a couple of the classes were bordering on insolent. I had to keep stopping what I was reading to them and tell them to knock it off. Politely and in a positive way, of course.

For the first time in a few years I'm actually going to have to do some shopping for Christmas. This year I'm not giving my usual gift to the family--it seemed to not be so popular for most of them, so a change of plans is in the future. It's off to the malls (or the computer) for some shopping. I haven't really kept very good track of who wants or likes what, so they may all just get cash. Cash is always good (for me, anyway!) but it's so boring to give. I don't mind the shopping so much, although I'm not a big fan of crowds, but the shopping part can be fun if you know what you're looking for. I don't know that just yet, so it's not in the 'fun" category just yet. It will be, when I can think about something other than work for awhile.

And Spencer--where the heck are ya?

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