Saturday, December 29, 2007

People are unbelievable.

I misplaced my SB card about 10 days ago. I've checked at every SB I ever go to, I've looked everywhere. Some moron found it (or stole it) and has been using it since then. I have it set to auto-reload when it hits a certain amount, and today I get an email saying it had reloaded. I'm so glad I had it registered online, because with one phone call the card was cancelled and they'll send me a new one with the balance intact. I should have done that as soon as I knew it was missing, but I guess I just thought I misplaced it and would find it eventually. Hey, it happens--people find things they lost sometimes!

Not only are people unbelievable, they're jerks. Nice Christmas spirit.


danelle said...

Well of course they've been using it - it's like a coffee head finding a hundred dollar bill.

cb said...

My initials were on it and they could have turned it in where they found it. People don't have to be so selfish.