Sunday, December 30, 2007

Watched two really good movies tonight--see linkys over there--->. Didn't do much else of import today-- exchanged Christmas presents with B (I love mine--and he seemed to like his a lot as well). Went to the Big Ass Buffet for a late lunch, ran some errands then came home and made hot chocolate with Kahlua and amaretto. Mmmm.

I finally have my house back to its usual cluttered state--without all the other junk that was taking up even more space: gift wrap, bows, broken down boxes that needed to go into storage, clean laundry waiting to be taken upstairs, a full sink of dishes, a box of Tupperware to be given away, for starters.

Looking forward to sleeping in and being lazy tomorrow today. It's actually pretty early on Sunday at the moment. I have a new book to read if I get to it tomorrow, although I am in the middle of a couple of others that I really should finish. I think I'm going to make some cornbread tomorrow, maybe some chili, definitely some chex mix. And I'm going to think about the fact that I still have another whole week away from work.

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