Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So tired.

I haven't been going to bed when I should, and am working too hard at school. As is everyone else. We need a break. The staff meeting this afternoon was SO annoying. The comments blurted out and the side talking drive me around the bend. By the end of the meeting I had the worst headache.

I got a massssaaaage tonight--it was heavenly. I think I must have fallen asleep because it went by so fast I couldn't believe it. And then I had to walk out in the cold to my car. And it's really cold.

I found my Secret Santa information this morning, so I wasn't a total slacker. I wrote a little poem for this person to sing (to the tune of a Christmas carol) and put a clue at the end. I think I'm pretty good at the little notes that go with the daily gifties-- I always just hope I'm not giving too big of a clue each time. It's more fun if they don't know for sure, until the end.

This weekend I had something so special happen-- it was one of those moments a person can ride on for a long time. B and I were at Pan-air-ah (twice this weekend--we love soup!) and were sitting close to the fireplace. There were women on the couch close by, doing some kind of planning for a party or something. I kept sneaking a glance at them, because I was pretty sure one of them was a student at my other school quite awhile ago. I never had her as a student, but I knew her and her mom pretty well. After about a half an hour they got up to go and I looked at one of them and sort of whispered "Is that Amy?" Amy looked at me and recognized me right away--I introduced her to B and she introduced me to her couch mates (it was her sister-in-law and mother-in-law). When she introduced me she told them "I never had her as a teacher, but she had the "cool" classroom. She was the teacher we all wished we had". I was so flattered, and a little surprised. You don't hear that kind of thing too often. And it was especially nice that B was there to hear it-- he's never really known me as a classroom teacher so much (just a library teacher) so it gave me a little credibility. Not that I need it, but still, it's always nice for someone to hear you complimented.

Early to bed tonight. Zzzzzzzzz.

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