Sunday, December 16, 2007

Such an emotional weekend.

It's hard when two close friends that are usually there for support and listening are both having issues with life and people in general. Sometimes it seems they are having issues with each other, but after long conversations it's realized the issues are really about other things. And they become closer by realizing that.

I'm exhausted, though.

Instead of going out to eat like we do all weekend, I made dinner tonight. Baked ziti, salad and garlic bread. Mmmmm. It was so good. I made way more than needed, so we'd both have some leftovers. We watched the Tin Man miniseries (I taped it last weekend), and we also made a drink tonight called French Kiss. Hot chocolate,
amaretto, and kahlua, topped with whipped cream. Also YUM. Really yum. Like it makes you want to have another one after the first one.

And now it's time to sleep.


Laurie said...

bleah! At least you got it all sorted out. xoxox

rr said...

You look so sad these days. I'm sending you happy thoughts and hopes for a hot stone massage. SOON!