Friday, February 29, 2008


My massage, that is. Two hours of wishing I could see the clock through my closed eyelids, so I knew how much longer til I could be done. For one thing, we had a different idea of what "deep tissue" and "lower back"means. When I am getting a massage, and I'm laying there thinking I know I could do a better job, it's not a good thing. For another thing, and the thing that was bothering me the most.... sweaty hands. And not my hands. Eeeyeeew.

Today was a typical day at The Beaver Cleaver School. That's what I used to call my school the first few years I was there--but I've noticed that in the last couple of years, it's not like that so much anymore. Anyway.... as is our typical fashion something is planned, we wait and wait for it to happen, and then it either happens differently than it's supposed to or doesn't happen at all. Today was supposed to be a big emergency drill. Oh, we had an emergency drill alright, but it was a little drill, and very late in the day. I don't really have a problem with a little drill, but we were all on edge all freaking day --when would it be? what kind would it be? And there are so many little detailed instructions for each different kind of drill--it makes it impossible to not think about it all day. The tech person who helps me do attendance and other things during drills, wasn't there today. My aide, who was supposed to take over the job the tech person does during drills, had already left for the day. Like I said, that kind of thing has become the norm at our school.

But it's the weekend. And we're going to CO Spgs tomorrow night to see Carmen. Road trip. Yippeee.

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