Monday, March 03, 2008

For a Monday, it wasn't too bad.

I've got a couple of movies to watch (I'm sure I'll only watch one) and that will be the extent of the evening, I believe. I'd love to spend some time stamping some cards, but that would involve clearing off the coffee table for some work space...and I'm just not up for that. What I'd really like to do is take a day off and spend a lot of it scrapbooking and stamping cards. (Laurie-- what are you doing this week? next week? Want to play hooky?).

That's all I got in me tonight.


rr said...

I want to play hooky! My guess is, Laurie has CSAP too. Boo.

Laurie said...

Mighty, mighty

I don't see hooky happening. Or nooky. Or even footsie.
I can kind of visualize, if I squint, some weekend scrappin' though.

cb said...

CSAP-C shmap. We don't need no stinkin CSAP!

Dang--I forgot about the beloved test. Okay, maybe I'll just wait and do it another day. Then we can all take off and hang together!