Monday, February 18, 2008

Thank you Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln, for this extra day off from school. Let's see, what can I do today that would honor your memory and celebrate the contributions you made? I think I'll go spend a few Washingtons and add some Lincoln pennies to make up the extra.

The theme for this long weekend has been...sleep. I've not slept in, I've been up before 7:00 each morning because I have a nearly-18 year old cat that turns into Demando Kitty in the morning. She will sit close enough to my face that I can feel the barest touch of her cold, wet nose. This is no way to spend a morning. No amount of begging, tapping, blowing in her face, moving her, does any good. So I get up and feed her, then either crawl back into warm covers, or head to the couch with an afghan. Both Sat and Sun had naps as part of the day. So sleep-- that's been the theme. That, and eating.

I have 71 more work days, 66 of them with kids. Bring it on.

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