Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Note to self-- go to bed.

Yesterday and today I spent carting things from my office and other places at school to my car, then on my way home dropping them off at the storage unit I rented last week. When the fire marshal came by again today, I got a "looks good!" from him. I guess I passed. He did point out the baskets of artificial plants I still have on the tops of the bookshelves, but I just said "Yeah, yeah, I know" and he just smiled.

There was a bit of a fracas last week on Valentine's Day with a parent that was in charge of setting up the library for a magician for the first graders. She was completely off on the time she could have parents move tables and chairs, and was in there when I had a class and actually had the parent helpers start moving furniture THEN. Um, no, you need to stop. Now. Right now. I actually had fifth graders that had to crawl under a table to get to a bookshelf.

She was really mad at me, and stood out in the hall bitching about me to the group of parents standing out there. I'm not sure she even realized that the program actually started on time, even with the delay in moving the furniture. I made sure the class that was in there stacked the chairs, then it took the parents maybe 5 mins at the most to move the tables. I heard from several people she is still bitching about it. I saw her go into the principal's office this afternoon as I was walking by, and I heard him start talking to her about the whole situation. I so wanted to stand down the hall a bit and eavesdrop, but I didn't.

"Hey can we use the library next time for X, Y, Z?"



Nell said...

But will you actually say no? I hope so.

cb said...

Puhleeze. That's why they think I am inflexible, rude, and mean at school. At least that's what I hear is being said about me around school by parents. People in authority shouldn't be allowed to share that kind of information with you.

Cyndi said...

I wish that more parents, staff, administration and whoever would realize that the library is not just a room with lots of books but an actual place where classes are taught and students learn. This also applies to the gym, art room, music room and I am probably forgetting a few too. The staff that are assigned to these areas are just as important to the students and the well being of the school as are the regular classroom teachers. Maybe more parents should volunteer in these areas and they would come to understand how disruptive it is to have someone only think of themselves. Even standing in the hallway with no consideration that while you are talking that it is still disturbing the class and possible other classes that are being held. Go ahead say NO, they deserve it. Just a little observation from an outsider.