Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yesterday was a day of singing and flowers.

Many classes came to the library to sing Happy Birthday--all of them with "cha cha cha" between phrases. Also with "Chinese Chicken" at the end. That one I don't get.

I had a second grade class that asked me how old I was. I asked them how old they thought I was. "27!" "34!" "25!" When I told them I was 54 they were stunned. One kids said "You're older than my mom!". And from the back of the room I hear, "You're older than my grandma!".

A class of first graders all made me cards. "I hope you get what you want". "I hope you get a cat". On one card: "Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. You live in the library, and you look like one too". We laughed and laughed--but I don't even know what that means.

RR brought me flowers in the morning. She always finds the most beautiful bouquets. After she left I tried to read what she wrote in the card she gave me but couldn't. You know how when people say really nice things to and about you and you're not in a good place to receive them? Yeah, me too.

At 1:00 the office called and told me I had a flower delivery. I know B doesn't do flowers, maybe my mom, maybe KF, but I really had no idea. Imagine my surprise when I see they are from Spencer. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise. I'm a little melancholy because even though I met him for the first time a few years ago, I really haven't taken the time to get to know him like I should have, and now he's moving to the land of big hair and sweet tea. I think I really missed the boat on this one.


danelle said...

That Spencer! He's a helluva guy all right. I'm sad he's leaving too.

Laurie said...

Dear One Year Older,
You really need to go visit this:

1. She shares your birthday.
2. She got flowers.
3. She has a kitty.
4. She got arrested on her birthday.

cb said...

It looks like her birthday is the 27th--which is really close, but not close enough. And wow-- those are some nice flowers!

I'm really glad I didn't get arrested on my birthday. That would've put a real damper on the day.