Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whew. What a week. Kind of busy, parts of it definitely annoying (I am so done with you). but I'm planning on enjoying the Sunday.

Earlier this week we went to a voice recital performed by the doctoral student who is B's voice teacher. He has a beautiful tenor voice, so I was really looking forward to the recital. He really did a lovely job, but it was disappointing--only because
1) I really didn't care for the selections he sang--they were some kind of American Art song, and while I don't really know what that means, I do know now I don't really like them all that much


b)I had been in a bad mood all day because first thing that morning I'd made the mistake of asking my principal if he thought I'd done something wrong in this situation on Valentine's Day, and like he always does he rambles on and on and fills up talking space without letting anyone interject a word and he proceeded to spend the next ten minutes telling me I was inflexible, the parents said I was mean, I see the world in black and white, and also threw in that the principal at another school said I raked her spelling bee person over the coals about the problem they caused for themselves a few weeks ago (so.....I'm inflexible because the school District made the rules and I was following them and told that person no, they couldn't change the rules? If that's raking someone over the coals, then I need a new dictionary). So once again he proves how little he knows about each of us. After I'd had enough I stood up and said "I need to be done. You've told me way more than I asked for and I'm done". And his response? An incredulous look on his face and "You asked!".

All day yesterday was spent in listening to auditions for our Pinafore production coming up in May. All.Day. Long. It was a long, long day. And I can't believe the number of people that call for an audition, and just don't show up. We were done about 5:00, then spent the next two hours casting the show. That's very tedious--especially because there are usually two opinions about who should play what, and the discussions don't seem to go anywhere. Last night one of the longest discussions was about who should play one certain part, and we were at an impasse. The president of the board said that in the by-laws, it said that in case of an impasse, the music director has the final choice. And she wasn't saying anything. I said I'd defer to whatever she wanted (even though her choice was not the same as my choice). The vice-president said "Now, I don't know we should put her in that position... she's probably not comfortable with that". So we put it to an official vote, the role was cast (the way I wanted it in the first place), then the music director says, "Well, I just don't know he's the right one for that part". She was sitting next to me and I wanted to hit her. So they completely ignored the vote and went with her choice. After that, I didn't even participate in the discussions. They did another vote for a role later, and I didn't vote. The president asked me why I wasn't voting, I told him because it didn't seem to matter. Gah-- the way they run this organization is crazy.

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Spencer said...

regarding the school sounds like it's a perfect time to retire. the principal obviously is going to shape the school more under the parents' guidance than the district and those who have toiled and know better. it was completely stupid for that parent to get bent out of shape when you were conducting a class. she should have planned better and timed it more accordingly. she's probably hell in a restaurant and shitty driver ;)