Wednesday, March 05, 2008

According to woulda coulda shoulda, she's calling this International Stuck in Your Craw Day. On her blog, she invites everyone to tell what is sticking in their craw. I just looked up the word "craw"--it means stomach. While the only sticking in my stomach stomach... I am sorry to report that my list of things that are annoying me are way too long to list. Here's a few, for starters:

-administrators that won't make decisions but think we should make them, but then won't support them

-administrators that ask too many questions and don't let you answer because they are still asking questions and won't shut up and listen

-administrators that keep telling everyone how overwhelmed and overbooked they are (Helloooo! Do you not see that this is what all educators are feeling these days?)

-administrators that won't give answers, but expect you to do it anyway: "Mr. So and So, what should we do about this--we can't do it this way because of this, and we can't do it this way because of that, and yet you're expecting us to do it. What should we do? Answer: Gosh, I don't know, that's a good question. Just make it happen".

(are you sensing a theme here?)

-my house is a big mess and I own too much crap and I don't even know where to begin to start weeding through it.

-I have too much crap at school and I've taken quite a bit to storage but there's still too much and I don't feel like going through it and does anyone care if I just throw a match to it all?

(anyone see another theme emerging here?)

-I want to be someone else and not who I am and don't know how to start.

This afternoon when I came home I walked in the door, took a Mudslide out of the fridge and downed it before I even put everything down on the floor.

Some days you just take it an hour at a time, and even that's too much.


Laurie said...

Girl, I know. I don't think ALL administrators are idiots, but that whole "I think YOU should decide," thing, and then they can't live with your decision, has actually gotten me into yelling fights with two administrators. I just want to reach over and slap them- and let's face it, what IDIOT would want to be an administrator? The fact that they have the job AT ALL means that they are idiotic enough to apply for it, which automatically makes them inferior. So yes, CB, I sense your theme.

Sandy said...

I can surely identify with this. Retired Texas teacher here who can tell you it's the same EVERYWHERE! Colorado is my fave state. I used to go skiing there every year. No more skiing, but I still love the mountains.

cb said...

So RR--just why is it you want to be an administrator? Tell us--I think most of us don't get that!

rr said...

Unfortunately, administrators have a lot more control over the direction of a building than the teachers would like. So, one day I hope to be an administrator for that reason. I have had good ones and bad ones and I can tell you for certain that if you have a good one, they can make ALL the difference! Am I an idiot for having such high hopes of positively impacting a building one day... perhaps.