Friday, March 28, 2008

Brrr it was cold today. I didn't mind so much, but I had a few places to go and people to see, and the cold made me want to stay home in my jammies all day and read and watch movies. Maybe next time.

Since I have no-thing to blog about (oh, I could write about how disappointed and annoyed I am at a change of plans for something that was to be in a couple of weeks, but I way too disappointed and annoyed to even think about it) I'll just add to my Top Five lists. Feel free to leave your additions in the comments. Like the other lists, the numbers do not indicate a ranking of order, just a list.

Five Smells I Love
1. Brut after shave
2. Old Spice after shave
3. fresh-cut grass
4. my cat's fur (I love burying my nose in her fur)
5. clean sheets

Five beauty products I can't live without
1. Pond's cold cream
2. Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-lift night cream
3. Carmex
4. lotion-- usually B&BW mango mandarin body cream
5. hairspray--strong hold, usually

Five things I can cook pretty well
1. Baked mac and cheese
2. cornbread
3. tuna casserole (even though i don't really like it much anymore)
4. biscuits
5. chocolate chip cookies ]

Five household jobs I dislike with the passion of a thousand fiery suns
1. Vacuuming the stairs
2. Cleaning the bathtub
3. Washing windows
4. putting away clean clothes
5. putting groceries away

Okay. That's all I got.


Nell said...

You must be smelling a lot of old men...

cb said...

Smack on your head.

Actually, these are the two scents I remember best from high school boyfriends--so I guess that would make them old men now.