Monday, March 31, 2008

First day back after a week off and not as tired as I expected I'd be. But still looking forward to going to bed tonight. Might need clean sheets to make it a banner day.

Must cease stopping for "dinner" on the way home from work. It usually isn't something that good for me, and since many days I skip lunch because I get busy and forget, I tend to eat more than I need on these stops because I'm famished. Getting back on a regular schedule of eating would be helpful. That would include eating breakfast (it's been ages since I've been good at this), and making time for lunch. I avoid the lounge at school most days because:
1. I usually have to stand for ten mins until someone leaves because it's so damn crowded
b. it's too loud
3. I don't usually care for the topics of conversation
IV. two people dominate the discussions and it's annoying

Since the dandywalker diva posted about some decluttering she did this weekend, I got a little motivated and spent some time cleaning off a couple of shelves near my computer. Doesn't feel like I did that much, but I was happy with the results. Things I tossed:
--all the cd software for a computer I haven't had for nearly ten years
--all the cd software for the computer that bit the dust Oct 2006
--all the booklets that went with above computers
--Macs for Dummies (copyright 1998--um, yeah, Macs have changed a little since then, and I don't even own a mac anymore)
--an empty canister container for blank cds-- which hadn't had cds for a month or so
--lots and lots of colored 8-1/2 x 11 paper--wrinkled, bent, faded, etc....

I'm sure there was more but that's all I can remember.

So there ya go.

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