Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am not a happy camper.
Today I am without one of my most cherished possessions.
A piece of equipment that I cannot live without for too long.
One that I will need to replace immediately.

Time to guess!

a) my computer
b) my cell phone
c) my television
d) my camera

For those of you that remember, my beloved iMac bit the dust about 18months ago. I went for nearly six months without a computer, because I had one at school and I also could stop at the public library and check email and take care of blog business. So no, it's not my computer.

I have a cell phone that gets maybe one call a day, so no, it's not my cell phone.

I do watch a lot of television, and would miss it terribly if it was gone, but I like to read and have a small tv in my bedroom, so no, it wouldn't be an issue if the television was broken.

I BROKE MY CAMERA!!!!! Anyone who knows me in any way, shape or form knows that my camera is an extension of my arm most times. I can't even express how upset I am about my camera-- because it didn't have to happen! B and I were getting things ready to take some publicity photos this afternoon at the rehearsal space. I set my camera down on a chair, went and did something else and later picked up the chair to move it, and off flew my camera. It still turns on but won't focus. I'm devastated! This is the camera I bought in St. Maarten the summer of 2004. I love this camera. This afternoon I told B I didn't mind having to get a new camera so much, it's just that I have a "history" with this camera! I have memories with this camera! Waaaah!!!

I've already looked at cameras at Costco (they have such a pitiful offering) and Best Buy. BB has a good assortment, and the prices are decent, but I hate BB with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns. I got such a run around when I bought my current computer there--they were more than happy to take all my money, but weren't too interested in helping when my computer still hadn't been delivered after three weeks, and there was no record of the order coming from another store.

I can be without a lot of things, but a camera is not one of them. {Sniff}.


Spencer said...

sniff...i'd cry too if i ever broke one of my cameras. sorry :( btw, what did you have? sometimes i check eBay just in case i need duplicate models ;) do yer research at BB and see if B&H Camera in NYC can do better. although i haven't purchased a camera from them in many years, i've never had a problem over the past 16 years...and probably $2000 worth of merchandise.

Nell said...

Is it expensive? Maybe it's an easy fix to have it repaired...

Or you could buy one like mine. It would barely ding your wallet.