Sunday, March 16, 2008

I bought a new camera.

I looked last night by myself, then tonight B went with me. I really value his opinion, but what I didn't value was his speaking to me the entire time in a Scottish accent. He's practicing for his part in the show, and while it sounds fun at rehearsal, it gets really annoying while shopping. Heads up to my family-- be prepared at Easter next weekend.

Annnnyway..... I found a few I liked, and actually asked if they had the one I really liked in stock. I was tempted to buy it right there at BB even though I can't stand them. I was being impulsive, I know. They had one left--the display model. "It's being discontinued" I was told. Of course it was! The one I wanted isn't even going to be available anymore. They said they would take 10% off. Are you kidding me? The camera has been man-handled by everyone for who knows how long, and they'd give me a paltry ten percent? Um, no thanks. They did find one at the location close to school, so I had them hold it for me. Then I came home and found it on amazon for $60.00 less, with no tax and no shipping. Score! I did pay for one day shipping, though. Still way less than I would have spent at the Blue and Yellow Store That has Crappy Customer Service.

I still want my old camera back, though. :-(

Today B and I sang in a church choir--we sang the last half of The Messiah, for Palm Sunday. His voice teacher is the choral director, and asked B if he would join them for rehearsals and the presentation today. B then asked me--and we've been attending rehearsals for about 5 weeks or so. I really enjoyed it today.

Five days til SPRING BREAK. Five. Only five. Not six, five. Tick tock...make it go fast.


Nell said...

BB called the police on me for raising a stink. I never ever shop there.

Mark will probably tell B he is doing the accent wrong. I'm just sayin'...

rr said...

Sounds like Easter dinner will be fun with your family. Too bad I'll be in Detroit or I might ask to be invited. =)

Spencer said...

that's an excellent camera! anything w/ carl zeiss glass is super high quality...we've got an old sony DSC digital and a yashica t-4 (film camera) that have zeiss lenses and have never been disappointed.

cb said...

R-- man, you would fit right in at Easter dinner. Hopefully someday you can join us!

SW-- I'm definitely looking forward to the camera--but I'm still mourning my other one. :-(

D--So you'll never get a a job at BBuy...that's probably a good thing.