Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two days down, three to go.

Today I didn't get up until 6:55. That's way late--and I really had to move it to get to work by 7:40. I still did everything I normally do--shower, do my hair... just did it really fast! I have "traffic duty" on Tuesday mornings, so I really needed to be there on time for that. I made it--and even had time to catch my breath and get myself organized before I went outside.

On the way to work this morning the car ahead of me had one of their back tires blow--literally. The car was driving on the wheel, with what was left of the tire flapping around it. This was on the interstate, so he was going at a pretty good clip. The guy didn't even know it had happened--I kept honking and pointing, and finally I guess he felt it or could smell it (eewww-eee it stunk like burned rubber) or something because he pulled over. Poor guy.

That's all I got.


Laurie said...

Well with two days of this week behind you, how is the This-Week-Sucks rating compared to last week?

cb said...

Definitely not as low on the scale as last week, but not really "whee!" either. The climate at school is a bit strained, sometimes better, but cautious...most of the time.