Sunday, March 09, 2008

A busy weekend, but enjoyable.

On Saturday my family met for lunch at the Elephant Bar. It was for my birthday, but it didn't really feel like it. It was definitely enjoyable, and I love the restaurant, but it always seems like there really is no special occasion in my family. At Christmas, the person opening their presents is pretty much ignored, because people are talking, or up getting coffee, or tired of participating, or whatever. Same on birthdays. I'm not really saying I wanted to be the focus of attention, because that always feels kind of weird, but it rarely feels like the occasion is about that person in any way-- and it happens with everyone in the family, not just me. When we were leaving, I wanted to take a group picture, and you would've thought I was asking most of them to participate in the most odious task ever. Somewhere over the years I've lost something with my nieces and nephew. I miss it. I also felt bad because my sister was moving that afternoon and here we all were out to lunch.

Today was kind of lazy-- about 2:30 I went out to go run an errand and discovered B's phone in my car, so drove to rehearsal to give it to him, since I knew I probably wouldn't see him til next weekend. We went to dinner, then I volunteered at the arts center, and now I'm headed to bed.

As I wrote to RR earlier--I hope this week sucks less than last week.