Thursday, April 24, 2008

I don't feel good.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the culmination of working way too hard at school, not eating that well, and a general lack of most things good for me. I'm headachy, I've got a runny nose and my throat is scratchy. This is not the weekend to get sick. Believe me.

We had an author spend the day at our school today and he was amazing. What a fun person to talk to. The kids loved him, the teachers seemed to love him, and the principal really loved him. Purely platonically, of course. After school RG was telling me how impressed he was with him and we both agreed this guy was someone we could see ourselves being friends with. it was a great success, everything went great, and I'm so glad it's done.

The book fair was delivered today, as well. The fun just never stops.


danelle said...

Can we know the author's NAME or is that top secet?

cb said...

I'll email it to you. Last time I posted something about an author visiting our school, I got an email from her the next day telling me people had been finding my blog when they were googling her name.