Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm sick.

Sinus infection and ear infections. Major antibiotics. A warning from the doc to expect a yeast infection because of them. Can't wait.

I've got my Poofs Tissues With Lotion, my chicken noodle soup (okay--chicken FLAVORED soup), petroleum jelly to soothe my poor, red, raw schnoz and I can sleep in tomorrow. I'm supposed to head to Idaho Springs tomorrow morning to join some pals from school at a condo--I hope I feel well enough to go.

Waaaa. I'm sick.


Nell said...

Gah! Don't go to the condo, stay home and sleep! Do you need anything? I don't have any money but I bet I can get you an ugly lamp or an old couch on craigslist for free.

Laurie said...

snif! I'm feeling pretty puny myself. I hope I'm not on my way to infections... You had SUCH a busy week- I think you should stay in bed.