Monday, April 14, 2008

I want....
--to get up early enough to eat breakfast
--to go to Hawaii
--to go to Florida
--to go to Italy
--to go somewhere!
--to get my car detailed (poor thing)
--a laptop computer
--to forget about the unbelievably horrible photos we took in the instant photo booth at the amusement park yesterday. Tiny booth + 3 adults over 50 (including two that had no right being in there together) = disaster (but lots of laughing)

I don't want...
--certain people at school to forget about me when I'm not there anymore
--to give up my SB but it's so needed, and is a done deal (at least the dairy + sugar drinks)
--to think about all the little things I need to do at school in the next couple of weeks (staying til 5 p.m. or later three out of five days each week is getting really, really old).
--to do my before/after school supervision duty tomorrow

It's nearly 70 degrees out. And it's almost 7:30 p.m.. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. And Wednesday we get rain and snow. Our weather has AD/HD. But I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Friday and today we only had half our kids at school. They were big literacy testing days (for most classes) so half the kids come Fri, half come today. I combined some grade level classes since all the classes were a lot smaller. I had a good chunk of work time Fri and today--which was desperately needed. And I barely made a dent. There are so many little detail things for my job, and most people don't ever see me do any of them. Mostly they walk through the library, see me at the computer, and think that's how I spend my day. And sometimes they are right. Although sometimes I am emailing back and forth with RR while she's at home making cabbage soup communicating with a colleague about important school matters.

I am almost done mailing and distributing my invitations to my retirement bash. Whew. It's been a chore tracking down addresses for some people I've lost track of over the years. Note to all of you that will have a retirement/wedding/graduation/whatever party someday: keep a really, really up-to-date Christmas card list.

Time for dinner. Mmm....Chinese food. Or is Asian-American food? Things that make you go "hmmmm?"


Laurie said...

Just checking:
Did you recently refer to someone as a "tool" in my comments? Because the librarian I know has never said that before. However, your evil desire to use the word "perpetuity" in reference to the Tool Man make me certain you are the librarian I know...

Laurie said...


rr said...

Don't be silly... you will not be forgotten! Ever.

I'll trade you duty days. I'd much rather have tomorrow than Wednesday this week.

The soup is yummy. I'll bring you some tomorrow and you can have it for lunch or dinner or both or just pitch it.