Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's my life these days in a nutshell. And it won't let up until June 9 when our show is over. I am ridiculously swamped at work and have commitments almost every night.

But tonight...oh tonight. Theatre tickets downtown. Gave several reminders over the last week. Confirmed the meeting time while having dinner on Sunday. Waited in the parking garage tonight for an hour. He was a no-show. His phone was evidently turned off. I finally left and came home. $62.00 in tickets, 5.00 in parking fees.

I am so annoyed I can't even think.

If I find out he's in trouble or hurt, I'll feel awful. But if not, well.... let's not think about that.


Nell said...

Oh no!
I'll put a blanket in the doghouse for him.

Laurie said...

If he's NOT dead, you'll kill him.