Sunday, May 25, 2008

Long weekend, but busy with stuff I'd rather not do.

Today we moved the set into the theatre. We were told to show up at noon, and plan on being there til 8 or 10 tonight. About half the cast showed up, and fortunately because we got into the theatre three hours ahead of schedule, we were able to leave by 5 or so tonight.
We went from this

to this

then finally this

Whew-- lots of work. I didn't do much, actually. It's always a case of too many people, not enough for them to do, and the guys pretty much do all the assembling because they're the ones who constructed it. The ship was built in the set shop, taken completely apart into completely unrecognizable pieces, then reassembled at the theatre. It's always amazing to watch it unfold.

One nice thing is my niece KT is going to help backstage a couple of nights.

It will be a really challenging week--rehearsal every night til at least 10 pm, getting up to go to work everyday, and the show opens Thurs night. It's fun, but it's hard. Especially when you're all grownup and like to get to bed early these days. :-)

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