Monday, May 05, 2008

Not in a great mood tonight-- several reasons, all of them reasonably silly.

Had a busy day at school, didn't have great attendance at the bookfair after school, had to usher tonight and didn't really want to, blah, blah, blah.

I ushered at a community band concert in which my high school band director is a member of the band. I specifically asked for this assignment because he's important to me and I knew I'd like the music. But after working all day, I didn't really want to wear the ushering clothes I don't feel good in and stand around for an hour or so. I did really enjoy the concert, and did stay after awhile to say hi to Mr. H. He and his wife were such a big part of our high school years--and it's hard now to see them both showing the signs of advanced age. His daughter is one of the directors of the band-- we knew her as a little eight year old girl all those years ago. I had sent him and his wife an invitation to my party, but because of her health, she can't really be out and about too long so they won't be able to come.

Many wonderful memories tonight.

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Laurie said...

You are such a loyal friend! Mr. H is very lucky. Oh, and hey- set aside a nice sum. Consider it a retirement/I deserve to feel good in clothes present. Go to ONE STORE that you think you'll like, pick ONE SALESWOMAN that looks like she'll know what she's doing, ask her to help you buy a couple of things that make you feel like a queen. You deserve it.