Thursday, May 08, 2008

Once again, the time/space continuum makes itself known. The week has kind of snuck by, and I didn't even notice.

Tomorrow is the last day of The!Book!Fair! (I love when wouldacouldashoulda does that) and I have to admit, I'll miss it. I always love talking to the kids when they come in throughout the day. I think our sales will be down this spring, but the funny thing about retiring--I don't even care! It's not like I've completely depleted my budget--the new person will still have puh-lenty of $$ to start the year--I made sure of that.

So now that The!Book!Fair! is about done, it means I really need to get serious about getting packed up and cleaned out. If I wait til the last week of school, I'll never get it done. I've made a good dent, and am at the point where I can let go of some things I've had forever, and not feel too sad about letting them go.

Last night was the school district retirement banquet-- a nice evening, and we were out by 8 p.m. I took B along as witness that I really am retiring, and we were able to sit with the people from my old school that are also retiring. As a gift we got a marble apple with a clock in it. I guess that's because now we have all kinds of time... but I don't see myself putting this clock out anywhere. Honestly, I'm kind of ready to be done with all knickyknack apple things. I would've liked a certificate or something--but I guess it really is the thought that counts. Our superintendent told me she would never be able to go to my school again and feel the same way since I wouldn't be there. That was a nice compliment--especially since there are 150 schools in my district (yes, really!) and sometimes we feel like we're one of many. The superintendent did teach in the same area I did 30 years ago, so we've kind of known each other for quite some time, but it was still nice to feel like she knew who I was.

So tonight is the first night I have no!plans! (haha--that's going to annoy my sister, I'll bet) and I'm really enjoying it. I stopped at a local Eye-talian place to get take out and one of our teachers was there eating dinner with her two boys, so I sat and chatted with them for a bit. There's a new episode of See-Ehs-Eye on tonight, and a new episode of Without a Tracing Paper-- it's a good night.

And tomorrow we're packing up The!Book!Fair! and I'll count the rest of the moolah, and call it a week. Everyone else will be at Field!Day! so it might be a slow day.

And there ya go.


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