Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why, what is that I'm drinking, you ask? It's a large iced tea from Mickey D's. Okay, not completely. When I got home I threw in some amaretto--now it's really good. I'm thinking McD's could really raise their sales of iced tea if they'd just add some amaretto. I see now that Smirnoff has premixed vodka mojitos in a regular-sized bottle. Mmmmm.....mojitos.......

Lunch at Pan-air-ahhhh was good. I met the person formerly known as the tech aide at school for lunch--up in her neck of the woods. And it was a fur piece, to be sure. She lives in a city adjacent to Longmont, which is 5 exits further than my dad's house, which is really far! I didn't care, though. I also took a different route home so drove through lots of farmland--that was nice. And yes, she did drive all that way to work at my school (formerly). And spent between $400-$450 on gas every month (formerly). Woo-eee-- I think it was a good thing she's not returning. The food was good, and the conversation was good, but we all really need to reach a point where we are not expending so much energy talking about school, how stressful it was this year, who was doing what to whom, and the like. It's really a waste of said energy.

Spent some time in the spare bedroom tonight (insert spooky music here) and took out two bags of trash and a big bag for the thrift store. I don't know if it's because I'm not going to be teaching anymore, or I'm just sick of the clutter, but it's been pretty easy to trash or give away a lot of stuff lately. I can only work in there for about a half an hour or so at a time--it's hot, and my back starts to hurt from the bending over and sorting and stuff. A half hour here, a half hour there--eventually it will make a difference.

Mmmmm.... iced tea with amaretto. Mmmmm.

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