Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recently, I made an appointment for a massage at a place I go fairly regularly. I took potluck--not knowing anything about this person. I had an hour massage two Saturdays ago--last Saturday 90 mins, today: two hours. I love him. He finds tight spots that no massage person has ever found. He's amazing. He really is the best massage person I've ever had before.

But today he ruined it. He said something so rude and thoughtless, it was absolutely awful.

About ten minutes into the massage he said, "Today will be our last time together. It's my last day here."

No no no no no no! I just found you! You can't leave!

But he is.

He only works on Saturdays (which I knew) and has found it too hard to work six days a week between this and his full-time job. I'm so bummed. I'm beyond bummed.

When I met him in the hall after I got dressed I gave him a big hug and said I'd miss his work, and I was really glad I had gotten to meet him and to start to get to know him. There are so many reasons I like this guy--he's a great massage therapist, he obviously knows what he's doing, he's interesting to talk to (and I don't usually like talking during massages), for starters.

Now I have to break in a new person. I say that tongue-in-cheek, but there's some truth in it. There's a trust you build with this person, and it makes for such a better massage when they can "read" you and know what you need and how far they can push it (deep tissue, how modest you are, etc). He agreed, and that's what I enjoyed so much about his work-- we seemed to be in synch with what I needed.

{Sigh} It was nice while it lasted.

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