Monday, July 28, 2008

If I was going back to work instead of being retired, I'd be reporting back on Thursday. This Thursday. As in just a couple of days. I'm glad I don't have that to look forward to, but I am kind of missing knowing people I know and love will be all together again, without me. And they might even be talking about me. I hope they say things like "the library just feels different without her here". But I hope they mean it in a missing me kind of way.

Fri we went up to Boulder to see a Shakespeare play--part of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. I loved the outdoor theater, didn't really love the performances.

On Sunday B had a voice recital and did so well-- his singing voice has really become quite wonderful to listen to. He was so nervous--he's just never that way, so it was really different to watch that. He wasn't nervous while he was singing, but was quite anxious while waiting for his turn.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch at someone's house with some fellow library teacher folks, then am going to spend a lot of the day after that scrapbooking or making cards. I have quite a few NPR podcasts to catch up with on my ipod, and sitting and scrapbooking by myself is a great way to do that.

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