Monday, July 07, 2008

My Selfish16

Tonight I was at someone's house watching tv (I'm feeding their cats while they are gone) and happened upon that wonderful show on MTV that shows spoiled rich kids planning their 16th birthday parties. Yes, I've seen it before, no, I don't watch it regularly. I just kept shaking my head at the money these kids spend on their parties, and then they all get some expensive car from their parents. It's always supposed to be a surprise, but it never is. Tonight's car--$100,000. At the dealership this gal kept asking to see more and more expensive cars ("This one isn't expensive enough!" she whined)--until she finally got to the top of the line. the dad said he'd see. Well, you know exactly what she got. And something I've noticed about these kids-- the majority of them aren't white kids. And what is up with these parents? And what in the world do they do for a living?

I don't even remember what we did when I turned 16--I'm sure my mom made some kind of cake, but I don't remember what I did. Since I've kept pretty much all of my calendars since I can remember, I could probably do some digging and figure it out, but I can pretty much guarantee I didn't ride into my party in a showgirl costume while riding an elephant. I waited til I was 21 to do that.
You wish.


katie said...

i hate that show. its so unrealistic and the kids are so spoiled it disgusts me. i cant believe people ENJOY watching it. i am glad you feel the way i do.

Laurie said...

Although I don't know the show, I have many of the same questions about how LITTLE KIDS' birthday parties have gotten out of hand. A visiting menagerie for your 4 year old? What will you do when he's 5?