Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One good thing about retiring is that I'm not going to be spending so much money on calorie-laden drinks at the Very Expensive Coffee Place. Oh, I still go, but at school with my very flexible-type schedule, I go on a SB run for myself and RR pretty much everyday. Most of the time it's just to get out of the building for about ten minutes.

So my visits are maybe once or twice a week now. So when I do get them, I appreciate them and look forward to them a lot more. Today I went and ordered my usual-- a 7 pump soy chai. "Sorry, we're out of chai". What? How can you be out of chai? I've never ever known a SB to be out of chai. How can you be out of chai?

I've also never really understood why, when a restaurant or something runs out of chai, sweetener, potatoes, whatever...they don't just go to a nearby restaurant of the same name and borrow some til their shipment comes in.

How can you be out of chai?


rr said...

BOO HOO! Who am I going to have there to share my addiction? =(

cb said...

You just need to start training someone else!

You KNOW I'll be stopping by every now and then with SB in hand..... and laughing because I get to leave and you don't.