Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out Again?

Whoosh--there goes the weekend.

Last summer B and I got into a Sunday routine of stopping at A & W and getting root beer floats. We'd sit inside, play free music on the juke box, and get at least one refill on the root beer and ice cream. Mmmmm.

We haven't done that all summer--so today I said I'd kind of like to get one. We needed to eat dinner anyway, so headed to the yummy place. When we ordered, we were told, "We don't have any ice cream. The machine is broken". I'm sure the look on my face was priceless, based on my "sorry, we're out of chai" experience last week at SB. B said to the cashier, "Do you realize there are people who come here specifically for root beer floats? Why don't you have flashing lights and a siren and someone rushing to fix that machine?" Then they said it wouldn't be fixed for at least five days. Are you kidding me?

If I'd been there by myself, I probably would have just left and gotten dinner somewhere else. But we stayed and ate, and I bemoaned the lack of a root beer float the whole time. We did go to Sah-nick and get something ice creamy, but it just wasn't the same.

How can you be out of ice cream at A & W?


Laurie said...

Seriously. FIVE DAYS?

rr said...

what is wrong with the world these days? i swear, people are going nuts. every place we ate this week here in MI had some kind of crazy issue. it became the family joke of the week. ridiculous.

Spencer said...

five days is'd think that corp could bring out another machine. we had a small issue w/ pizza hut not having soap in their dispensers and the girl replied, "We're out until tomorrow."'re right next to a dollar store. get the lazy manager to buy a cheapo bottle!!!