Monday, August 11, 2008

I love the Olympics.

I don't love that they are every two years now-- I think that changed what a big deal they were, but I still love them. I've been watching most nights, and last night I thought how neat it would be if Mark Spitz awarded the record-breaking gold medal to Michael Phelps when he won it (and we all know...he's going to win it). Today I read an article that said MS wasn't even invited to this Olympics--and he was pretty bitter about it. Now the article did make him seem kind of like a high and mighty person, which may be true, but still-- this seems like a no-brainer.

One of my most memorable Olympics was the 1972 Summer Olympics. This was the always remembered Olympics held in Munich. For me it was memorable because I had just graduated from high school, and spent a lot of nights at my best friend Sheryl's house with my boyfriend RJ and her boyfriend PJ watching these games. Sheryl's house was really far from mine-- and at that time there was absolutely nothing in the way of stores, homes, etc... from my house to hers. It was field, farms, etc.... It felt like such a long drive--out to "the sticks". Now-- it's the exact opposite. In reality her house was about 3 miles from mine--it just felt far because of the drive through nothing.

Highlight of this telecast of the Olympics? President Bush obviously enjoying his time with the female volleyball team. A good write-up over at feminist Mormon housewives today.......

As a former swimmer, I’m a little jealous of Dara’s swimming prowess, but very envious of her fine physique, which seems to be attracting as much attention as the waves she makes in the pool. But even Dara’s hot comeback hasn’t gotten quite as much press as George W. Bush’s visit to a US Women’s beach volleyball practice, where he looked like was enjoying himself immensely in the company of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. And while we’re on the subject of beach volleyball, can someone please explain to me why the guys wear this while the women wear this?

Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?

And while we're on the subject.... what is with Phelps' swimming mermaid togs? When he was giving the male equivalent of "Yippeeee!!! last night, his swimming costume was perilously close to making the Olympics become x-rated. Pull those britches up, boy. Crack is whack.

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danelle said...

I haven't watched any Olympics because I am beligerently anti-sports. But I did notice while scrolling for programming on tv that it said "XXIX Olympics" so I wondered about the next ones which will read "XXX Olympics"..something I probably *would* watch. lol