Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today was the first day of school.

It turned out to be a fairly busy day for me, which was a good thing. I met a teacher from my school at SB this morning. She isn't going back this year either-- and we made this plan long before school got out. It was nice to sit and chat with her. Right after that I got a hair cut--pretty short, and I like it a lot. Met a friend for a late lunch at a really great restaurant that I'd never heard of. This friend was one of my volunteer moms in the library for 7 years, her son wasn't even at the school this past year and she still stayed to volunteer for me. These lunch plans have also been in place for many months--because she wanted to take me out on the first day of school. After that, I picked up my car from the spa and spent more on this stay than I've ever spent on a car repair/maintenance ever. This car had better be able to make pancakes and vacuum the stairs now.

Yesterday I had an idea for some fun scrapbook pages of my non-first day of school. I took pictures of all the things I did today and all the people I was with and will make a photo essay of my day. I had to explain to everyone why I was having them take my picture as I was getting my hair highlighted, or why I took a photo of my lunch before I ate it... but no one seemed to roll their eyes at me. I took a great photo of my car's engine (hood up)--it's all really nice and clean now, and I laid the invoice from the dealership across the engine (FIVE pages) and took the picture. hey-- all I can say is that when you are a scrapbooker, you tend to take weird photos sometimes.

I still love the Olympics, but men's beach volleyball--not so much. Time to go get a cherry limeade.

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danelle said...

Did you not take a picture of me going with you to get a limeade cause I didn't have a bra on?